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   Whether you are a customer, potential customer or potential employee in what follows I will expose in a transparent as possible and authentic, what kind of people you find here and what motivates us to do what we do.    

First and foremost, we, F1 Digital, are characterized by an ambition through which we have decided to pass each decision, lower or higher. This ambition, called by us as vision, clearly states our ideal: To be the most trusted agency in Romania, for employees, clients and community.

To better understand why we have a vision and especially what it means to us, I leave you below a short clip that paints the context in which this vision was born:

In a few words, the video above asked us the following question: What are we doing, day by day, so that we can be convinced after a year, two, ten, that the time invested here is worth it? for ourselves and others? Somewhat a cliché question, but the moment you start to break it down it becomes difficult. And the solutions began to appear. We want to be the best! Well, everyone wants that, of course, but the term best " is pretty relative, and from what I wanted to do, it's a long distance. Ideas kept coming, but nothing helped us to answer the question, until we looked better and started from there.

We like to come to the office every day because we trust that the people we meet there are super fun, and with them we can do epic things. Yes, that was it, the confidence of the ladies and gentlemen. From here the creative tornado began to break out. Yes, the answer to the difficult question was developed around this value called trust . Whether we are talking about business, science, relationships, spirituality or any other area of ​​our existence, what we are constantly seeking is to have confidence and to offer confidence. The axiom presented above applies to us, not to understand that we have discovered the meaning of the world and we have generalized a hypothesis, we are far from philosophy, but as internal belief we have realized that this matters to us, to transfer the trust from us individually, to team members, from team to clients, and finally from the team and clients in the community and back.  

   Well, after the moment of divine enlightenment, we spent late at night, the next day we woke up and thought again to develop more and more solid arguments that would bring us closer to the vision in our daily work. We told ourselves, ok, we are still a start-up (invented in 2017), we cannot yet claim the title of world champions, but to get there we will surely win the trust of many people, whether they are members of our teams. or customers. There is no other way by which our growth can be consistent and sustainable. Then we think about the community we live in. We are young and very determined to be part of the change that Romania needs, so we will help the community of young people who want to do things differently. Perhaps of all the satisfaction this area offers us, the satisfaction of the voluntary contribution to community development is in the top 3.

   If you have come here, I sincerely hope that through the above words we have made you more curious about us and our culture. If you resonate with us and have found a vacant position within the company, you know what to do. If one of our services solves a problem you have today, do not hesitate to try us, we aim to win your confidence with trust, speed, passion and innovation.

Iulian Oprescu

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