Design trends in 2020

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First of all we need to establish what is a trend.
Trend = The main direction of development of a phenomenon, in the case of this article, the one of the design.
Below we will present, in our vision, the trends that will be emphasized this year in graphic design.

– UI / UX :  Dark mode , Bold Colors, Gradients
- Illustrations: Textures, Character Design, Isometry, 3D
- Animated graphics: 3D videos, animated logos
- Graphic Design: Duality in color, animated posters, Retro style, large color spaces
- Product design: patterns in packaging, illustrations in packaging and bicolor


  • Dark Mode : "Dark mode" is something that is becoming more and more emphasized in the applications that we use, and companies will try to integrate this option this year. Android has already appeared with the two modes "System Dark Mode" and "Force Dark Mode" and Google has implemented the Dark mode in its Gmail application. In the coming months, Whatsapp will release this much-awaited way by users. With large companies focusing heavily on this new look, many designers will choose to use the Dark Mode for their applications or websites.


  • Bold Colours : Strong colors have been an important trend in recent years, and in 2020 they will be exactly the same. The contrast of these intense colors helps to quickly capture the attention and therefore will continue to be used.
  • Gradients : For years already the gradients have been present in the design of new applications or sites, this will continue this year. The fresh colors will be chosen for a modern and vibrant gradient. They will be used in illustrations, icons or buttons.


  • Caracter design : Development of characters to support a whole concept will be seen increasingly often. Using a well-defined character will make your business more recognizable. A good example would be Millidge and Doig from Orange Romania
  •           Isometry : Isometric illustrations continue to be fashionable and present in a unique way. This type of illustration appeared as often as the popularity of cryptocurrencies, but is now increasingly used by various sites or applications through a simplistic and easy-to-digest design.
  •       3D : With the help of increasingly efficient programs, 3D renderings have evolved significantly in recent years. This has gained increasing popularity because, unlike the 2D ones, they render a much more realistic image.


  •       3D Videos : The same thing happens with videos. This branch allows the implementation of a fresh and exciting design for the eyes of consumers. Putem găsi videoclipuri 3D în reclame, jocuri, filme și multe altele.
  • Animated logos : Animations easily become an essential element, and in logo design they will be integrated as well. Many companies have started animating their logos to increase the public's attention.


  •       Duality: This trend is based on the principle that "Less is more" in which the designer creates strong elements with an even stronger contrast. This trend also helps on the economic side, because the more colors you have, the more expensive the printing.
  • Retro style : The 80's are back with this unique style, vibrant colors and neon effects. Thanks to Hollywood, which is starting to get harder and harder to release movies of that era, especially the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things", this trend is coming back. in forță.


  •       Patterns : Patterns will return to the packaging design. Whether geometric, floral or colored, they will be a go-to for products launched this year.
  • Illustrations on package : These have always been a common element in marketing and this is right, because I can easily exemplify the story of the product. And because of this, they are and will always be in trend.
  • Duality : "Less is more" principle will be applied to the product design this year, through the simplicity and professionalism that it shows. The products will have a neat look and will be easily observed by customers.


Alexandru Tucan

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