Top 8 Benefits of shooting with / from the drone

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467/5000 When it comes to drone photography or filming, we are witnessing a true technology revolution. If 2-3 years ago, aerial photographs or filming were mostly done by helicopter, which meant high costs and meeting certain conditions, today it is a little simpler (or so it seems). It is neither easy nor difficult to fly a drone and, at the same time, it is neither prohibited nor allowed (everywhere) to "fly" 😊.

Over the past 2 years, drones have become more widespread as some "hot news", after thousands of stories and hundreds of hours of footage have been produced. It seems everyone into action from production companies extreme sports celebrities, to ordinary people. To understand the fuss around drones you must first see all the benefits that aerial videography has to offer, and drones make it easy to capture truly unique images that give the audience a whole new perspective.

  1. Price

Whether you know it or not, in order to produce a professional promo/video, the costs are usually not low, but an important investment in your brand identity. They are capable of delivering unprecedented value - in terms of your marketing ROI. With such large amounts of potential uses, video content, especially video shot from the drone, offers versatility in its ability to reach potential customers in a way that no other marketing tool can use.

The best thing about drones is that with a little planning, you will be able to capture all the materials on the same day as the rest of the production, which will save time and money. And who doesn't like to save time and money?

  1. Full HD/2K/4K Quality

One of the many services we are proud to offer at F1Digital is our video production service . With the help of drones equipped with professional recording devices, we are ready to offer aerial recordings that produce remarkable results. For a service that is relatively simple to set up and use, the results are truly amazing.

As technology has improved over time, we are now able to deliver amazing aerial footage, captured with the drone in FullHD, 2K or 4K.

  1. Applicability of drone footage

Where can we use drone footage? There are many areas such as: real estate agents, property management and development, events, tourism, hotel, sports, etc. that can benefit from shooting or shooting with a drone.

  • Agentii imobiliare:
    • Videoclipurile aeriere realizate cu drone, capturează dimensiunea, forma și aspectul real al unei proprietăți
    • Potențialii cumpărători pot vedea proprietatea și locația acesteia în general
    • Oferiți clienților ceea ce caută: fotografii aeriene ale proprietății în toată frumusețea lor

Filming with the drone of a location where a residential complex is being built or is going to be built can increase the sale of apartments from the construction phase onwards.

  • Evenimente:
    • Filmarea aeriană cu drona reprezintă un mod spectaculos de a prezenta evenimente, oferind o priveliște de tip “bird-view” ce va impresiona cu siguranță
    • Fotografia aeriană poate oferi o perspectivă complet unică pentru a evidenția implicarea unui sponsor într-un eveniment.
  • Turism:
    • Cu ajutorul fotografiilor și filmărilor aeriere realizate cu ajutorul dronei, pensiunile și hotelurile vor putea oferi o privire de ansamblu asupra locației, peisajelor și a activităților pe care turiștii le pot desfășura.
    • Se pot organiza activități precum drumeții montante, plimbări cu bicicleta, cu caiacul, călărit, etc ce pot fi filmate din dronă pentru un aftermovie cu impact pe zona de marketing

With the help of drones, you can also provide a distinct image of a place, location or event. Any company that can improve their image through the use of aerial video frames should be sure to attract and maintain customer attention, which will result in greater exposure and automatically improve future sales.

  1. Save time with a Drone

The drone flight does not require a very large team nor extensive training. Only a well-planned plan is needed, and aerial filming or shooting can be completed in a relatively short time.

  1. Diversity

Due to the compact size of the drone, the frames made with the drone in nature can offer unique and interesting video angles that were not possible with the use of a photographer helicopter. Drones are so powerful that they can fly anywhere, from a few inches from the ground, up to a few hundred meters in the air and everywhere. Another great thing drones can do is fly inside a (tall) room. In addition, drones can float in the same place and move left, right, up and down, at the pilot's command. Drones are fully autonomous to the pilot and able to provide a perfect camera position for perfect photography or perfect shooting.

  1. Attracts and captures attention

By being able to produce an engaging video, using these frames, you will be more likely to gain customer engagement and retain their attention. Because of this, your brand will be able to improve conversions as well as increase brand awareness after viewers watch new content made with the drone. Using aerial imagery as a first impression of your company is a great opportunity to break the ice and get out of the competition. In addition, it offers an outstanding chance to showcase the advantage of location, access, as well as surrounding features from angles that were not available in the past.

  1. Branding & marketing

This blog post included just a few of the industries that could use airframes for a promotional video. On a broader spectrum, for all types of companies, there are ways to use certain aerial frames made with the drone, in order to promote the brand and for the video spots in the marketing campaigns. Today filming with the drone has become increasingly popular and that is why we have many events to which we are invited to capture unique moments from the heights.

  1. Frames that a drone can capture

Most motion pictures taken with a drone are based on the following types of essential photographs:

  • Fixed frame: this frame is created by keeping the drone still moving while recording the subject (s) that are moving
  • Panoramic frame: The process of creating this frame consisted of moving the camera from one side to the other, at any speed (or angle) chosen by the videographer.
  • Tracking frame: To create this type of frame, the drone and / or camera must move at the same time as the subject being filmed, keeping a horizontal line parallel to its movements.

In addition to these essential frames, there are also some more complex frames that we can capture, either by combining the above shooting techniques or by finding creative ways to reveal the subject.

 Why should you use drone frames at the next promo of your business?

Let's recap here and summarize why you should use drone-shot frames. It is a unique way of exposing you and allows the target market to see your company in a new way. The price is right, and you can get HD quality photos at a reasonable price because you don't need to rent a helicopter or pilot, and shooting and / or shooting can be done with a single day drone, saving time, money and resources.

Using a drone to promote your business will give potential prospects a new perspective on your location / business, and will allow you to stand out among other competing businesses.

Trust the F1Digital video services . We fly everywhere! (with drone 😊)

You can see some of the clips we made here : F1Digital Youtube

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