Tips & Tricks for winter holiday photos

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Christmas and winter holidays mean spending time with family and friends along with the Christmas tree lights. And when loved ones gather means more pictures. Below are some of our favorite tips to make photos more memorable this holiday.

Plan your photos

Depending on where you are shooting, it might be best to shoot scenes with natural light around the sunset. Why? Ambient light can help your image. If you are photographing a house or building that has beautiful Christmas lights, capturing the scene when there is still light in the sky will allow you to better include the surrounding landscape, such as trees, shrubs, other structures and the sky. The urban environment is more forgiving for photographing the Christmas lights at night.  


Flash Off

Another good idea would be to turn off the camera flash when shooting Christmas lights. If you are shooting outdoors, the flash is most likely not strong enough to illuminate the frame, and indoors it can illuminate everything around the lights. Of course, if you shoot a Christmas tree and want to capture in full, it may need flash. 

Try bokeh

Bokeh (from Japanese, pronounced Bouche) means blur outside the focus of the camera.

Want to shoot in front of the Christmas tree? While the focus is on the subject, the fir lights will fade to this wonderful effect in the background. If there is any light source in the background, such as sunlight shining through the trees, bokeh effect can be achieved if the unit focuses on the subject.  

Create silhouettes using the Christmas tree

During Christmas, the main attraction of the house is the fir tree full of lights. This makes it the perfect light source for silhouettes. Take a picture of your family as you play, discover the gifts and appreciate the magic of Christmas.

The less light in the room, the better! The silhouettes will look vibrant and capture the feeling of tranquility very well.

Relax and appreciate the moment

When you are in front of the room, try to enjoy the experience. It's time to reflect on yourself, the year that has passed and the people, things and happenings around you.

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