How does photography influence digital marketing?

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fotografia in marketingul digital

     Visual communication has grown more and more in recent years, with marketing also adopting modern methods that rely largely on image, rather than text. The newspaper is no longer as it was in the 1990s, that piece of paper that was the morning pleasure of many people. Our world has now passed into the digital age, where everything is more visible, more colorful, more attractive. What can we say about photo content? Read all the reasons why photo content is important, if not vital, in digital marketing:


                   1.       Draw attention.



When it comes to the internet, products, advertisements, very few things can be called "us". By and people spend a great deal of their day browsing the internet, it's hard to get seen and bring something new, interesting to them. Not for nothing is that speech "A photo takes a thousand words". In marketing it can be said that it applies 100%. Keep in mind next time you want to reach your audience that visuals increase your interest in that post by 80%.


                   2.       Fast processing.



     The human brain holds up to a certain amount of information. Therefore, if you want your followers, potential customers or even customers to remember you, it is best to opt for visual content at the expense of textual content. You can play with an image so you know it remains printed on the retina of anyone who sees it.


                  3.       Helps non-verbal communication



     Captured in a digital age, we have come to spend a great deal of time communicating non-verbally. The marketing world is also witnessing this transformation. Everything is written, printed or behind the small screens, in the form of a monologue, not dialogue. An image outlines this communication, helps and improves its understanding.


                  4.       It can go viral.



     I think we all agree that the internet is the fastest thing of the century. Therefore, certain posts can go viral without even making an effort to do so. You do not know when you will have a brilliant idea that will put social media on the net, and your photography will truly go viral. Another reason why you should consider using photo content.


                  5.       Improves understanding.



     Photo content is perceived differently by the human brain. A simple combination of colors or a particular font can cause us to think involuntarily about a brand. You can do this exercise right now and you will realize how an image has a 70% greater impact on your marketing success.


                  6.       Influen 6. Influence emotions.



     Often, buyers are influenced by an emotion when deciding on a product or service. Therefore, emotions are an important factor in creating marketing strategies. Images can have a great emotional impact and often influence us without even realizing it. It is important to carefully choose the images you use, because they will be the way you will be perceived by the followers.


                   7.       It influences actions.



     A good and appropriate image in context has the power to arouse interest and make the target person act exactly as you want. Of course, next to a good and interesting title, the image may be the reason why your readers will interact with that call-to-action you slipped into your post.


                   8.       Increase engagement.



     A photo is much easier to use than text. Facebook campaigns generate up to 65% more engagement when accompanied by images than when they are not.


                  9.       It creates a favorable perception.



     People tend to judge, sometimes even involuntarily, at the subconscious level. It is in human nature to give his opinion as he would say. A good picture and integrated context mostly to boost confidence and credibility of the information provided. Remember, it is very important to use photo content, but it is even more important that it matches and resonates with the audience. An incorrect image can affect more than the total lack of a photo.


In conclusion, be confident in the power of photo content and when you are ready to develop a new campaign, we are here to help. Just tell us what you need! Of course do not forget that the success of a photo also depends on its quality! Click for details


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